Divorce And Child Custody

Divorce is rarely a pleasurable experience. Even when a client of this Firm is happy to be divorced, seldom is it without feelings of loss or confusion about the future. Prior to any divorce, each person must make a decision about whether their life will be more productive, stable, and happy after divorce. And, aside from the emotional distress that may follow a decision to divorce, a person’s financial future must be considered as well.

Issues such as payment of bills, child support, and damage to credit are always of huge concern. Of course, cooperation of the parties to a divorce greatly influence whether either party will be financially damaged at the conclusion.

Also, Louisiana Law demands that those desiring a divorce remain separate and apart from one another, without reconciliation, for varying amounts of time, depending on certain conditions. The reason the law demands this separation is to give the parties time to work out their differences. Simply, Louisiana Law, has a public policy against divorce and discourages people from making quick decisions that could affect people and their children for the rest of their lives.

During the period of separation, and prior to a final divorce, issues such as interim support (i. e. alimony), child support, and partition of community property may be addressed.

Finally, we recommend post divorce counseling to further create a workable relationship between former spouses.