Wills Successions And Trusts

Wills: Louisiana law is unique and interesting laws when compared to laws in other states. Because our legal origins arise from French and Spanish control of this State, the resulting variability creates a very and dangerous trap for Louisiana residents. Simply, when considering a will, we do not recommend the purchase of commercial will generating software because Louisiana Law is very different from most other all states.

However, If you try to purchase the software, take the time to read the warnings on the packaging. In most cases you may notice that Louisiana is excluded from the list of the states that would recognize that software. If a Will is not in correct form, it is null and unenforceable.

Successions: In most cases, a succession is a court-guided transfer of title to movable (i.e. cars, furniture,etc.) and immovable property (i.e. real estate) from the dead to the living, If there is no Will, Louisiana law supplements and directs where property will go without considerations of the decedent’s intentions to distribute the property.

Trusts: A trust is a contractual relationship to hold property (both moveable and immovable) subjectto terms and conditions included in the Trust Document. These contractual terms also bind a trustee(representative) to perform acts for the beneficiaries of the trust. A trust may be formed during a person’s life (inter vivos) or at death (mortis causa). Trusts are a powerful tools for future planning.